Organic Fertilizer & Carbon Soil Amendment

Pellechar10™ 3-2-3 is an organic (OMRI Listed®), mineral-rich fertilizer and carbon soil amendment designed with Biochar Now™ to provide "release-on-demand" technology, naturally.

Pellechar10™ 3-2-3 contains naturally composted chicken litter combined with high-grade biochar and it is OMRI certified for organic use.

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Pellechar10™ 3-2-3 is a good source of the organic matter necessary for long-term, healthy soil structure that results in:.

  • improved soil composition
  • increased soil water retention

Pellechar10™ 3-2-3 keeps nutrients in place where plants and crops can use them; enhancing soil fertility and productivity by maximizing nutrient uptake and water retention while reducing nutrient leaching & run-off for:

  • improved growth
  • increased yield; and
  • reduced environmental impact.


Value Proposition

Organic Pellechar products contain Biochar Now the highest quality biochar available. Our products are much more than just a great and proven fertilizer. Pellechar adds organic carbon to your soil that provides residual benefits, for long-term soil health that lasts for decades, even centuries beyond the initial application. Indeed, as you apply and reapply Pellechar, the benefits of the biochar will enhance your soil for generations to come.

Additionally, the Pellechar formulation helps keep nutrients in place to reduce runoff and leaching which leads to better long-term nutrient uptake. All this will build your soil, enhance your production, save money, save water, and, ultimately, help save the environment. These benefits are unparalleled in the organic fertilizer industry.

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