About Pellechar™

Pellechar10™ 3-2-3 is an organic, mineral-rich fertilizer and carbon soil amendment designed with BiocharNow™ to provide "release-on-demand" technology, naturally.

Pellechar10™ 3-2-3 contains naturally composted chicken litter combined with high-grade biochar and it is OMRI certified for organic use.

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Pellechar10™ 3-2-3 is a good source of the organic matter necessary for long-term, healthy soil structure that results in:.

  • improved soil composition
  • increased soil water retention

Pellechar10™ 3-2-3 keeps nutrients in place where plants and crops can use them; enhancing soil fertility and productivity by maximizing nutrient uptake and water retention while reducing nutrient leaching & run-off for:

  • improved growth
  • increased yield; and
  • reduced environmental impact.


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