The Pellechar Difference

Think of Pellechar10™ as a nutrient-rich, release-on-demand capsule.

Feed, Build and Save

Raw chicken litter/waste has been used historically to help add nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to the soil via raw land application. The old way of application, however, has the potential downside of costly and undesirable runoff and leaching of soluble nutrients which may then lead to harmful impact in our water systems, including large-scale algae blooms. By using the combination of chicken litter bound with biochar you can keep the nutrients where they will be used by the plants, help the environment by reducing leaching and runoff and increase the efficacy of raw manure as well as your bottom line.

Pellechar10™ combines the benefits of organic carbon in the form of proven soil amending and fertilizer technology of Biochar Now™ with an organic naturally-composted, mineral-rich fertilizer, thereby harnessing the benefits of land-applied nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium for agricultural purposes. With Pellechar10™ you will FEED plants with release-on-demand nutrients, BUILD organic matter in your soil, and SAVE; save water by increasing bioavailable water and save the environment by minimizing harmful leaching and runoff to surface and ground water. All of this together will save you money and increase your bottom line.

Improve Crop Yields & Quality. Increase Foliage & Fruiting.

Fertilizer will remain where you apply it, allowing for improved:

  • nutrient availability and uptake
  • yield per dollar
  • soil pH

The carbon-based biochar will improve:

  • soil structure
  • bioavailable water (decrease irrigation costs)

"The unique combination of chicken litter and Biochar Now™ results in a nutrient-rich, release-on-demand capsule for plants and is the reason why Pellechar10™ helps to keep nutrients where plants can use them."

More Porous Technology Equals Greater Efficacy

Pellechar10™ 3-2-3 is a mineral-rich fertilizer derived from the highest quality broiler litter and bound to a durable form of the best-available biochar formed by a patented and proprietary, slow pyrolysis process. This results in enhanced nutrient cycling with a more porous and far superior biochar – Biochar Now™.

  • retains more carbon in the biochar;
  • sequesters carbon into soil for decades; and
  • porous structure creates area for nutrients from the chicken litter/waste to remain intact and not runoff.

Biochar Now™ Using a 1200x Electron Microscope

"The history of biochar dates back 2,000 years to a civilization in the Amazon Basin with extensive regions of dark, highly fertile soil known as terra preta – Portuguese for “black earth”

More About Biochar

  • The long pores provide significant surface area. As a matter of fact, 1 gram of BN biochar has a surface area of about 400m2.
  • Real Science - Biochar has a cation exchange capacity that electrostatically attracts certain types of molecules including Nitrogen and Phosphorus nutrients in the soil, air and/or water. The molecules are lightly bonded to the biochar walls where they will stay until the roots access them throughout the growing season. When the roots “call for the nutrients, only then will they be released by the biochar. The biochar becomes a nutrient-rich, time-release capsule for plants and is a major reason why biochar is so effective enhancing plant growth while protecting the environment.
  • Biochar has been tested for water sequestration and found to hold 5.6 times its weight in water. And, because the pores are very long compared with their openings, there is very little evaporation (see fig 1). When roots do not consume the sequestered water, it is held for long periods of time.
  • To soil microbes, cleaned out biochar pores look like a concrete condominium complex (see fig 2) so they move in to set up family and community. Once embedded, they are protected from precipitation that would otherwise disperse them. With biochar, microbes flourish and help create living soil.

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